Medicaid offers extremely cheap health care coverage for low income people. What qualifies as low income varies by state, but in general the program exists to help low income families, low income elderly people, and those with disabilities.

Medicaid has expanded due to the passage of the Affordable Care Act (sometimes termed Obamacare). Eligibility for Medicaid now includes more people, in particular low-income single people under 65 that did not previously qualify.

However, not every state has expanded Medicaid!

Medicaid is a government program funded by both the federal government and state governments, but it is administered at the state level, so eligibility varies by state, and may not have expanded in your state. To determine your eligibility for Medicaid, start at and choose your state.

In most states, you can apply for Medicaid online, or you can choose to fill out a Medicaid application in person at a county location. is the best first step toward finding Medicaid eligibility and application information specific to your situation.

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