How to Apply For Food Stamps in Alaska

Getting food stamps for the first time:

In order to get food stamps in Alaska, you must meet the general Federal eligibility requirements, which include having a Social Security Number or applying for one. There may be limitations depending on your citizenship and/or work status as well.

The next hurdle to getting food stamps is determining whether your income is low enough to meet the standards. Go here to see the income limits in Alaska and to get other eligibility information specific to the state.

You can not apply for SNAP/food stamps online in Alaska — but you can download and print the food stamps application and then either mail it or bring it personally to a local Public Assistance office. (A list of offices can be found here.)

Already part of the SNAP food stamps program?

  • See Alaska EBT Card Balance for information on checking your EBT balance and reaching EBT customer service by phone.