Arkansas Unemployment Benefits

The Arkansas Department of Workforce Services oversees the payment of unemployment benefits to workers who lose their jobs through no fault of their own, such as through company layoffs, businesses closing, etc. (If you got fired for disciplinary reasons, or if you quit your job, you probably will not qualify for unemployment.)

Your eligibility for unemployment benefits and the amount you receive will depend on your recent work history. The calculations are convoluted, so exact numbers are impossible to predict — however, the more you were making while you were employed, the more you will get in unemployment.

How To Apply For Unemployment in Arkansas

After You Apply

If you are approved, you can receive your benefits via direct deposit to your bank account or you can choose to receive a special debit card that will have your benefits loaded on to it.

Note, however, that once you are approved, you won’t get any benefits unless you file a Weekly Claim For Benefits that confirms you are still unemployed and also details your efforts at finding employment. You can file your Weekly Claim online at or by phone at 1-501-907-2590.

As mentioned, you are required to be looking for work while receiving unemployment benefits, including keeping records of names of employers you have contacted during the week.


This is an overview of the process. However, you can get much further detail by downloading this Arkansas Unemployment Insurance (UI) Handbook. If you still have questions, contact your local Department of Workforce Services office.