Arizona Medicaid

Arizona’s Medicaid program is administered by an agency called the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (abbreviated as AHCCCS and pronounced “Access” for easier reference). It provides health care services for people in certain low-income groups, either free or with some cost depending on a person’s (or family’s) income.

Determining your eligibility for benefits through Arizona’s Medicaid system is not easy. A quick rule of thumb is that if you are an adult making less than $1500 per month or a family making less than $3000 per month, you may be eligible. But even that is not exact.

In order to determine your potential eligibility, you should start by using the Arizona Self Help Benefits Screener at This will show you your potential eligibility for a variety of Arizona health and human services programs, including Medicaid.

However, even that screener may confuse you. So, if you believe your income may be low enough to qualify for AHCCCS health care benefits, you should apply online at At the site, click through on the “Get Started” button then look for the “Apply For Public Programs” link on the following page.)

You can also choose to download and mail in your Medicaid application or visit your closest Department of Economic Security location to apply in person.