Alaska Medicaid

The state of Alaska offers Medicaid health & medical benefits to a variety of low-income groups, which may include the elderly, disabled persons, pregnant women, and family members in single-parent or unemployed-parent households. Alaska uses the names DenaliCare and DenaliKidCare for its Medicaid programs.

What qualifies as “low income” differs from group to group, so you will need to check with the state in order to determine if you are eligible for benefits. You can see a document detailing eligibility requirements at

If you believe you are eligible, or if you are not sure, you can go to the online Medicaid application at The online application includes an eligibility screening tool that should help you determine if you qualify for Medicaid.

If you don’t want to use the online tools to apply for Medicaid, you can always go to a Public Assistance office — see a list of office locations and phone numbers here. You can apply for Medicaid at an office, but you might also want to print out a paper application to get an idea of the information you need to provide — you can download an application to print here.